Motivational Speaking — The ABC!

Dicta Ugbah is an outstanding inspirational and motivational speaker. Her talks are designed to impact, influence and inspire her audience. She has a very engaging style in a way that’s entertaining and grabs the attention of even the most difficult person. Dicta authentically draws you in while her energy, humor and interaction keeps you engaged. She connects with people with humor and relevant stories of her own life and others. She speaks to various audience- entrepreneurs, students, children, young people, adults, women groups and those seeking personal development and inspiration. Her impact on other people has been immense; she has inspired a lot of students and young people of all ages. She’s young and vibrant and knows how to captivate and inspire people, keeping them engaged with her use of memorable saying, stories, and innovative exercises.
She has a lot of keynote topics and can customize parts of her messages to fit your audience and your objective

Some of her topics for young people
  • Time is power
  • positioning yourself for success
  • Focus
  • Making the right choices for the future you want
  • Dare to be uniquely different
  • personal confidence and self-esteem building
  • Love the body you have (say no to body shammers and bullies)
  • Choosing the right career part and knowing your life’s purpose.
  • Dream big
  • Power of positivity

Some topics for women

  • Lead like a man
  • Be the best wife and mother
  • Spice up your marriage
  • No limits:  pretty and power.

She speaks on many other different topics.
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