Motivational short story-focus

How tragic it is to find that an entire lifetime is wasted in pursuit of distractions while purpose is neglected.

She began to sob, she blew her nose as she looked around the building “Where did the time go, why wasn’t I focused, why did I allow my time to be wasted on the trivialities of life.”

In tears she buried her face in her hands ,wallowing in self pity. Just five years ago when she was in the university she felt like the most beautiful girl in the world. It was the best time of her life, she walked with raised shoulders and felt like the most important human alive. Her sugar daddies didn’t fail to flatter her about her beauty and gave her access to wealth, in return for sexual favors.

She was a convivial person and very extravagant. She was among the big girls in school who lived lavishly and failed to attend classes. But now everything had vanished into thin air, she could not even afford a meal. Her sugar daddies had abandoned her for the younger ones, after they had sucked her dry.

She looked pale and was very skinny with red bulging eyes, her hair was untidy, she wore a red loosed trouser and a faded pink shirt. Wrinkles appeared on her face and all parts of her body were deteriorated. Her life of debauchery took a toll on her body and she looked far older than her age. She was only thirty-five but looked older than fifty-three. Looking at the mirror had become her worse nightmare. The chimera that haunted her at night was the idea that she may live like this for the rest of her life.

She got tired of all the motherly advice her mother offered.her mother was right about everything. How do mothers know everything? that’s a question if anyone knew.Didn’t she warn her of the company she kept, didn’t she tell her that beauty doesn’t guarantee success, but success will always make one look beautiful. Didn’t she tell her to be focused and prepare for her future so she doesn’t live with regret. Of course she said all these, but she was contumacious and never listened. She never treated her mother with deference. Where was her mother now she needed her the most, she was ready to do anything just to hear her voice but it was already too late, the cold hands of death had snatched her away. Wasn’t she even the course of her mother’s death, she sent her to an early grave because of the bad life she lived. It’s the joy of every mother to see her children progress.

She was still wallowing in self pity when an angry man in uniform walked up to her

“Hey!” he waved at her with the C.V she had just submitted “there’s no job for you here with such C.V, please don’t come here again’’

He threw the C.V to her, She was able to catch it.

“Please sir, I don’t mind if I get paid half of the expected salary. I don’t even mind working as a cleaner, I can clean very well. Cleaning is my hobby”

“Cleaning is your hobby, come on leave here”

Here she was pleading to be employed as a cleaner, her result was too bad to even earn her a good job. Her university had given her certificate of attendance to fulfil all righteousness she didn’t even have any skill to fall back to so she could earn a living. all she was concerned about was having the latest shoes and bags and carrying the most expensive phone.

She was tired of squatting with a girl she met at the brothel and wanted to live a decent life.

The man in uniform came close to her and pushed her so hard.

“Don’t come here again I don’t care if cleaning is your hobby or your pet aversion”

This wasn’t the first time she had come to disturb for a job, he was only a gateman and couldn’t give her a job but he tried to help her submit her C.V to the management, they didn’t hesitate to reject it.

In the process of pushing her he mistakenly stepped on her with his heavy leather shoe and the slippers she wore got cut and he didn’t even bother to apologize to her. She looked at it in pain, it wasn’t even her slippers, she had borrowed it from her neighbour at the brothel. She had become so poor that she couldn’t even afford a foot wear. She quickly bent down, picked up the slippers and held it in her hands, and tried to adjust her oversize trouser, that was pulling from her thin waist.

She was famished, she hadn’t eaten anything for days, her roommate who had been so generous to feed her, had gotten tired and warned her to never eat from her pot again.

She struggled with the slippers and her trouser.

“Please sir, a minute let me put this together “she shivered in fear

“I think you don’t understand English what do you understand? leave here.”

He didn’t want to listen, he held her hands so tight and was about to drag her out of the gate.

“Leave her alone” a young woman commanded. She looked so ravishing, she wore a beautiful blue suit and polished black designer shoes. Her long curled hair showed remarkable sheen.

He greeted the woman in blue suit and immediately took his hands off her. She felt so much relieved, she put the slippers she was holding down, held her trouser in one hand and looked up to see who her savior was. Lo and behold, it was her former school mate, Lucy. Lucy was ill treated by her group of friends when they were in school, because they claimed she didn’t have what they called “swag”. She remembered calling her the devil and all sort of names, she never allowed her come close to her.

She wasn’t going to stand there and wait for Lucy to recognize her or remind her of how pathetic she had become. without a second gaze, she hurriedly picked up her slippers, held it so tight and started walking fast. But Lucy had already recognized her.

“Rebecca wait”

She didn’t want to look back ,she pretended not to hear her name and increased her pace. The gate man followed her shouting;

“The M.D is calling you and you have the guts to walk out. Who knows, she may be an answer to your prayers”

Tears rolled down her eyes, she was so weak to walk, She stood still unable to move. if only she knew back then that Lucy knew the way to success, wouldn’t she have clinged to her. where were all her wayward group of friends with swag, who had swag helped. She had come to realize that swag wasn’t an ultimate guild to survival.

She felt a mild touch on her shoulders, she looked back and it was Lucy standing right behind her.

“What happened Rebecca?”

“Good-good — morning, sorry good – evening’’ she bent her head in shame so she doesn’t get eye contact with her .

‘’It’s lunch time, it’s afternoon ” Lucy smiled at her ,revealing her very fine polished teeth ‘’ what happened, why are you looking like this.’’

“It– —- it’s a long story” She slowly muttered.

Lucy looked at her feeling sorry for her she turned to the gate man.

“The next time you treat people with respect, if you don’t want to be fired.”

“I’m sorry ma’am”

She turned back to Rebecca and pointed to a very beautiful black Lexus jeep.

“That’s one of my cars, the driver is waiting for me. I was about to go have lunch, Come with me, I want to hear everything.”

Rebecca was too ashamed to utter any word. she sluggishly followed her, the worms in her stomach were already feasting on her.

The driver was dressed in black suit, he came down from the car and opened it for Lucy.

“Good afternoon ma’am” he greeted. Immediately she entered the car, he closed it. While Rebecca was still standing close to the car, he entered into the car pretending not to notice her. Immediately Lucy noticed and came down from the car.

“I’m so sorry he didn’t know you were coming with me. you can’t come like this with me, you have to change into something better.’’

“This is my best cloth I don’t have-”

She didn’t wait for her to complete her sentence before she interrupted.

” Come on, don’t worry, I understand. we are going straight to a boutique to get a nice dress for you “

“But I don’t have any money”

“Don’t worry I will pay. Hop into the car, I have to be here before 3:30pm, some foreign business men will be here soon for investment.”

“Thank you”

“It’s okay.”

She opened the car for her and Rebecca entered. But everything had changed they had absolutely nothing to talk about. Equals, they say make best friends. They observed total silence until they got to the boutique, got a nice dress and left for lunch.



The person you will be in five years is based on the things you do today. It pays to be focused in whatever you do. Time is precious, spend it wisely. Set your priorities right and Eliminate the unnecessary. Goodbye distractions, Hello Focus!







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