Growing up I was seriously body shamed, Right from primary school until university.

“Dicta you are too skinny”

“Dicta why are you so tall and thin?”

“Dicta get some vitamins to gain weight”

I cried all day in school, it made me hate boarding school because I wasn’t appreacited instead body shammed. It was only my family who made me look beautiful by always appreciating me. Family is everything.

People tend to leave the speck in their eyes and look at the ones in others… nobody is perfect, we try to be.What is beauty? As they say, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. We need to love the way we are; fat, thin, tall, short, does not matter as long as you are healthy and comfortable in your own skin.

What you feel about yourself is what you tend to project out to the world. Love yourself and don’t make anyone look down on you. We should try to love ourselves the way it is, it becomes much more easier to feel confident, outgoing and empowered.

We are all unique, we are given the body we have at birth , we can’t change that so why are we letting body shamers criticise our body.when did it become okay for other people to pass judgement on how we look?

So let’s try to take a step closer to freedom from body shaming, let’s love our body despite its size. Let’s try and fall in love with ourselves , because if we don’t who will?

This is your life, treat people the way they respect you and say no to body shaming.


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