Dicta Ugbah is a writer and a motivational speaker.  She’s a graduate of English from the prestigious university in Nigeria, Benson Idahosa University.
When she was 7, she had already developed a burning passion for writing and would playfully write stories for her kid brother to read and wrote plays which were acted in her church. Back in school she was an ‘A ‘ student in creative writing and  the president of a creative writing club which  was formed  by her lecturer, Dr Marie- Theresa Toyi.

She was also supported by all her lecturers in the department of English, Benson Idahosa University.  When she was 19, she was selected among ten best students in all universities in Nigeria to participate in a literary context titled “HIV is not a death sentence” encouraging those living with HIV, and she did exceedingly well.
She has worked as an animated script writer, and a freelance writer. She writes novels, motivational books, scripts, animated scripts, short stories, and non -fiction.

Dicta Ugbah is an excellent motivational speaker with an ability to engage a wide variety of audience, she inspires everyone, and her impact on other people has been immense. She has inspired students; she has the ability to engage with young people of all ages and delivers memorable presentations that have a long lasting impact.

From an early age, she was naturally drawn to wanting to support people; show love and making everyone feel important. She’s a philanthropist by heart and an active founder member of an NGO dicta care initiative.

Her biggest inspiration is God and her parents, Dr and Mrs. Ugbah. Her family supports her immensely, with all the love and prayers needed.